Summer Weed Control

Mitigation and adaptation to impacts of climate variability

Project Partners: Riverina Local Land Services
Project Code: RV01210
Project Duration: 2016-2017
Project Location: Temora Agricultural Innovation Centre

Research focusing on crop water use efficiency (WUE) has demonstrated the importance of summer weed control in conserving soil moisture for subsequent crops. Growers are keen to maximise the yield potential of crops in an increasingly variable environment. Summer weed control brings with it questions related to the cost/benefit associated with timing and frequency of summer spraying together with the trade-off between weed control for moisture conservation and summer stock feed. The project aims to investigate the costs and benefits of three different, commonly used strategies. Benefit will be described in terms of the differences in moisture retention and final soil nitrogen. Cost will be described in terms of the differential in input and management costs of each strategy.



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