Regional Weather and Climate Guides

Climate and Weather Risk Guidelines

Project Partners: FarmLink, Bureau of Meteorology, CSIRO,
Project Duration: 2018-2019
Project Location: National


FarmLink was engaged to support CSIRO and the Bureau of Meteorology to deliver the “Climate and Weather Risk Guidelines” program. This project delivered 57 bespoke guidelines – one for each of the Australian natural resource management (NRM) regions. The aim of the climate guides is to assist farmers to make decisions about crop planting and stocking levels by better understanding their local climate risks.

Working with BOM and CSIRO, services provided by FarmLink to the program include support (stakeholder engagement, planning and coordination), and graphic design activities, the creation of a template guideline, guide production including provision of guide content and production of each of the 57 guides.

The guides can be viewed on the Bureau of Meteorology website



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