Nitrogen Timing

Impact of Nitrogen Application Timing on Bread Wheat Protein Composition, Quality and End Use Functionality

Project Partners: Allied-Pinnacle, Aryzta
Project duration: 2016-2018
Project Location: Temora Agricultural Innovation Centre


Application of nitrogen at different growth stages have been shown to impact wheat yields, grain protein concentration, grain protein composition and bread baking quality (Thomason W.E., et al). Farmer practice focuses on manipulation of nitrogen application to first maximise yield and then optimise protein concentration. Farmer understanding of the end-product implications of nitrogen timing beyond protein concentration is limited.
This project will test the impact of nitrogen timing on the protein quality and end use functionality of a commonly grown wheat cultivar in southern New South Wales and raise awareness and understanding among wheat producers in the region of the potential to increase grain quality through manipulation of agronomic practice.


Research Report 2019 - Nitrogen Timing Research Report 2019 - Nitrogen Timing (2948 KB)

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