Bernard and Anne Hart Perpetual Award for Innovation Agriculture

Bernard and Anne Hart have been recognised for their contribution to FarmLink and to agricultural R&D through creation of the Bernard & Anne Hart Perpetual Award for Innovation Agriculture - announced at FarmLink’s southern NSW Ball held in July 2019.
Bernard and Anne were founding members of FarmLink in 2004. Bernard has served on the Board twice – both times with stints as Chair and most recently returned as a Chair in 2014. Anne has worked tirelessly with Bernard to support our staff and Board. With Bernard’s retirement from the Board at the beginning on 2019, FarmLink would like to say thank you, not just for their service to FarmLink but for the many, many ways in which they contribute to agriculture.
In her address on the night, FarmLink Chair Lisa Anderson, praised Bernard’s “persistence and dogged determination. His passion for research. And the humble way he connects growers and researchers so we can learn from one another.”
She recognised that “Anne has been quietly encouraging women of multiple generations in this region forever. Anne is influential although she’d never admit it. She is kind and thoughtful and inspires confidence in us to participate, to put our names forward, to lead. There are a great many in the room that have benefitted from Anne’s encouragement.” The award named in their honour is to recognise the lifelong commitment to agriculture and its evolution through research and development, shown by Bernard and Anne.
The award, an annual $5000 grant, has been designed to support FarmLink members to explore new and innovative ideas, systems and technologies and then share the learnings with the rest of our members. It could be a trial on your farm or attendance at a field day or a study tour to another country.

Applications for the 2021 award will open on September 1, 2020 and close on October 11, 2020.

FarmLink members are encouraged to apply by telling us –

  • What issue or idea you would like to know more about?

  • How you would use the $5000 grant to get that knowledge?

  • How you would share the information with other FarmLink members?

Applications should be submitted before 5pm on October 11 for review by the Board.